About Us



The mission of the Emerald Empire AHC is to engage in activities that promote the Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Breeds. These activities include:

  • To provide a means for bringing Arabian horse enthusiasts together to socialize with others having similar interests and provide opportunities for their enjoyment and use of their horses.

  • To provide for promotion of the Arabian horse breed, purebred and half-Arabians.

  • To stimulate interest in Arabian horses and their proper care and propagation.

  • To investigate and study the history, characteristics, breeding genetics and husbandry of the Arabian horse and collect, preserve and disseminate useful Arabian horse information.

  • To encourage and conduct activities that will promote the education of those interested in the Arabian breed.

  • To do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish the foregoing objectives and promote the interests of the members hereof as owners, breeders and admirers of Arabian horses.

  • To promote an avenue for our youth to learn the objectives in good horsemanship, selecting and judging Arabian horses for the betterment of the Arabian breed at the highest levels.


We are a local club of Arabian Horse owners and horse advocates.

We are a Member Club in Region 5 of the Arabian Horse Association, offering 4 types of Memberships:

  • Adult AHA members (Can hold office, be a delegate)

  • Adult associate members (Cannot vote beyond the local club level or hold office or board position)

  • Junior members

  • Honorary members (see by-laws)


Monthly Meetings with Activity or Presentation

Youth Activities

EEAHC Trail Rides

Support Community, Regional, and National Horse Concerns

Participate in Region 5 and AHA Events

Membership Newsletter

Provide Friendly contact and support

Offer Opportunities for Leadership

We are proud to be affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association, Regional, Youth, and Charitable activities. We are also supportive of the trails and facilities throughout the county.