AHA Recognition Programs

AHA Awards Programs

National Arabian Horse Association (AHA) has a variety of programs for competitive and non-competitive Arabian enthusiasts. Just click on the underscored heading for a link to get more information at the AHA website.

  • Open Event Incentive Program
    • Anyone competing at non-AHA sanctioned events
    • Reward horses/riders/owners who compete at all-breed competitions and events
  • Frequent Rider Program
    • Reward horses/riders who ride without actively competing
    • Counts trail rides, lessons, leisure rides, ect
  • Competitive Distance Program
    • Endurance, Competitive Trail, Ride & Tie
    • Rewards for competing with Arabian in distance events

  • Ambassador Award
    • Recognizes Arabian horse that has outstandingly represented the Arabian breed to the general public
    • Horse must have unique accomplishment that showcases the breed to be eligible
  • Open Competition Award
    • Recognizes Arabian horse that has outstanding competition achievement representing the breed in Open Competition.
    • Horse must have recognition at upper levels of competition and have acted as a breed ambassador in a public way
  • Distance Horse of the Year Award
    • Recognizes Arabian horse with significant success in the competitive distance riding disciplines

  • Horse Achievement Awards
    • Recognition program for horses that actively compete in AHA-recognized events
    • Achievement Awards Symbols behind horses name provide visible sign of honor and prestige
  • Amateur Achievement Awards
    • Tracks successes of amateur riders, handlers, and drivers in AHA recognized events