Our Volunteers

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; 

they just have the heart.”

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers in our small club!  It certainly does "take a village" to keep any organization viable and we truly appreciate our village of volunteers.  Volunteers:  The backbone of any organization.  

Every year the EEAHC recognizes members for volunteer service both locally and for regional service.  In 2020 Laurie and Barbara Tibbs were recognized by the regional director for outstanding service in Region 5.  The next year, 2021 the director awarded the Regional award to Denise Cummings and Richard Galarza and in 2022 the regional board chose Denise Cummings as the Volunteer of the year.  

In our Emerald Empire AHC Kevin Brown was chosen to receive the volunteer service belt buckle award followed by Bob Brannan in 2021, Denise Cummings in 2022, and Barbara Tibbs in 2023.  We truly appreciate the efforts of our volunteers!  Thank you!  

In 2023 the EEAHC has established a special recognition program for our volunteers.  Find out more about this special program here. 

EEAHC Volunteer Service Program.pdf