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We are an AHA affiliate club in AHA Region 5 Club # 5286.

Join us! Our mission is to support all of our members, no matter what their endeavors. Find out how with the instructions below.

EEAHC Highlights of 2020
  • EEAHC is reinstated by AHA
  • Food Collected for the Bonner Community Food Bank
  • EEAHC Members participate in a number of Virtual Horse Shows
  • EEAHC puts on a popular and successful Virtual Horse Show
  • EEAHC Youth and Adult Members earn numerous awards in AHA and Region 10 Virtual Judging Contests
  • Members participate in WDAA Virtual World Western Dressage Show
  • Gelding Bred by member Laura McConnell earns National Top Ten in Western Pleasure Futurity
  • EEAHC Youth Hippology Team Earns National Championship in Judging Division
  • EEAHC Youth Judging Team Earns Reserve National Championship Overall Judging Team
  • EEAHC Youth Member Sophia Huffman Earns National Champion and High Scoring overall Youth Judge at National Judging Contest
  • 4 members of EEAHC participate in AHA Virtual Convention
  • Laurie Tibbs Earns Two WDAA Divisional Reserve World Championships at the World Western Dressage Virtual Show
  • Roxzene Bockstruck earns a Top Ten (9th) in Western Dressage Basic Level at the World Western Dressage Virtual Show
  • Kevin Brown Earns EEAHC AHA Volunteer of the Year
  • Laurie and Barbara Tibbs are recognized as Region 5 Volunteers of the Year

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Membership Made Easy . . .

It doesn’t matter when you join. You still get a full 12 months of benefits! Many online options are available for joining, renewing and acquiring your Competition Card. You can even join EEAHC & AHA first and get your Competition Card later when you’re ready to compete. Competition Cards can be ordered online or purchased at AHA recognized events. If you don't have access online, you can download an application here and send it to our membership chairman Barbara Tibbs


Follow the online instructions at the AHA membership page. We are Region 5 Club #5286. If you are a new member, click on the appropriate column heading for the type of membership desired for your registration form. Click here to start new membership.

Email is required for all new accounts.

RENEWALS: If you were involved with the Arabian Horse Association in the past, please do not setup a new account; use your account number and password to login. Login here

If you have had a name change or if you cannot locate your previous account number, please contact AHA.

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What are the membership dues

AHA Memberships (base membership)

Adult One Year - $50
Adult Three Year - $135
Youth - $20
Life - $1,500

AHA Competition Card (Required for Showing)
Excess Liability Insurance is included with each Competition Card.

Adult One Year with EEAHC affiliation $35
Adult One Year without EEAHC affiliation $75
Adult Three Year with EEAHC affiliation $105
Adult Three Year without EEAHC affiliation $225

Youth $25

EEAHC Affiliate Memberships
Adult $10
Youth $5

What are the expiration dates for membership? . . .

A membership expires the following year on the last day of the month in which a member joined. For example, if an individual joins AHA on March 8, 2020, that membership expires March 31, 2021.

Who will need to purchase a Competition Card? . . .

The AHA Competition Card is required for individual members (adult and youth) who compete, members who own horses that compete, and officials who officiate at recognized AHA events or members who participate in AHA award programs. This includes AHA recognized shows and endurance and competitive trail rides. The competition card is also available to those who want to take advantage of the AHA Excess Personal Liability Insurance program. This insurance benefit is available to only those individuals who hold an AHA competition card.

How does the Competition Card work? . . .

Competition Cards are issued to individual members. The Competition Card may be purchased at the same time as membership or anytime within the anniversary year; however, the competition card will expire at the same time as a membership. For example, if you become a member on January 5, and don’t purchase a Competition Card until February 18, the Competition Card will expire on January 31, just like the membership card. You cannot purchase a Competition Card without a membership.

Who can join online? . . .

Individuals may transact the following business online:

◾Join AHA

◾Join our club (Linked Clubs Only)

◾Purchase a Competition Card

How many delegates will EEAHC be able to send to Convention?

Delegates for a club is based on the number of paid AHA Adult Individual Members affiliated with that club whose dues have been received in the AHA office as of June 30th each year. Member Organizations which have at least ten (10) Adult Members and/or Life Members shall be entitled to be represented at an Annual Convention by one (1) Voting Delegate per thirty-five (35) Adult or Life Members in good standing or part thereof).