2021 Activities

Trail Pole Painting Work Day

Provide Trail Obstacles to Inland Empire AHC for May Show

Emerald Empire members provided three fine classes for the Idaho State Horse Judging Contest held in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on July 7.

Mary Marienau, Barbara Tibbs, Roxzene Bockstruck, Laurie Tibbs, Monty Collison, Angela Turnbaugh, and Kevin Brown volunteered time and horses for the Idaho State Horse Judging Contest. Over 100 4-H ers from counties throughout the State of Idaho participated in the annual contest. Contestants were introduced to high quality half-Arabians in three classes - Half-Arabian Geldings, Half-Arabian Western Pleasure, and Western Horsemanship.

Bonner Couty 4-H Judging Contest

May 1

Arabian Booth at Bonner County Fair

August 16-21